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NAME: Vorko
EMAIL: strannix@gmail.com
AIM: billycat1950 (PM ME TO ADD YOU and I will happily do so)

SERIES: The Boondock Saints
CANON POINT: End of the second movie, not long after his death.
LOSS: His rosary. While he didn't exactly have it at the end of the movie (it was left on the bannister of the staircase he had ascended), it is very important to him, a symbol of who and what he is. It was certainly a huge symbol in the movies between himself and the two brothers. If this doesn't work, I can think of something else.

ABOUT THE CHARACTER: Noah was a good natured, creative young man that loved his father and worked hard to please him. He was changed forever when his father was killed by the Italian mafia. He grew cold, distant, and focused on one thing; revenge for his father's death. As time went on, he lost touch with what it was to be human. He became a weapon, his only purpose to eradicate evil men from the earth. He believes himself to be a devil who works for the light.

On the flip, he's a very patient man, and does show compassion when warranted. He doesn't believe in killing for sport or for the thrill. He does not make decisions based on laws, but on his own sense of morality and justice. If he believes you're innocent, he will do everything in his power to protect you.

He was brought up Catholic, and while he does not practice, he does believe his acts serve God. He is more than willing to break the law to do this, using his enemy's own methods against them. He can be very still, eerily so, and can sit in total silence in a crowded room. His ability to focus is absolute, single minded and extremely aware of his surroundings.

He believes he is outside the law. He can get caught up in the hunt and neglect others to the point of ignoring them. He can be cold even to his friends and family if the mood takes him. Generally, his ability to interact with others in the past has been sketchy. He lets very few people close. Perhaps it is his long years in isolation, coupled with his violent life on the outside of prison that have turned him to stone. Yet, as he gets older, he has started to soften. When he was united with his sons, something in him changed, a small bit he'd hidden away for a very long time. His sons are extremely important to him, and he would do anything to protect them.

On the surface, he wants to fulfill his purpose, to destroy those who would harm others. Farther down below the surface, he also wants to be free of his work. He wants to settle, to be quiet, to drain the anger from his soul and be at peace. He wants to be a good father, though he knows in many ways it's too late. He wants to be 'normal', whatever that is, and knows he never will.

Noah is claustrophobic. Very small, tight spaces make him panic, and he will fight until he's out or he's exhausted himself. When drinking tea, he must pour milk into the mug first, then add tea. He swears it tastes different if you pour the tea first. He loves most any food that reminds him of home (Ireland and the greater UK). He went for years in prison without anything that resembled edible fare, and he appreciates what he can get.

He loves walking in the rain, moonlight, the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore. The outdoors are a blessing to him, and the sun on his face is a warmth unlike any other. The forests, the seas, the wide, open and green fields are God's country, and he misses it so. Pubs are another place he enjoys. He can drink many under the table, and loves beer and whiskey as any good son of Ireland. He does socialize, but he doesn't get too friendly.

Reading is something he never tires of, and he has stacks of books everywhere. He plays guitar, banjo and autoharp. Since he went back to Ireland with his sons, he took up music again. It's one of the small joys in his life.

He says 'fuck' a lot.

ABILITIES: Noah is a skilled assassin, and in his own heart believes his actions are ultimately serving a good purpose, even if his work is considered evil in his own world. His own soul is dark, but he strives for the light. His honor is his own, and he believes the result justifies the means. He can carry a shitload of guns on his person, appear at just the right time to rain down retribution, and his sunglasses strike fear into the hearts of evil. Actually, he's simply very good at killing people.

THIRD-PERSON WRITING SAMPLE: The light was bright, and it drew him in, away from the blood and the violence, away from his last two threads that tied him to the world, away and gone. It hadn't been where he expected, but he felt utter joy in his heart as the light grew around him, warming his face and blinding him with beauty for an eternity.

And then it was snatched away. All the promises of the afterlife and all the answers he'd been given in the light were already fading. The light receded, but a dull, dirty glow was left. He was lying on the ground, just as he had when he'd been bleeding out. The stone he was resting on was soft and comfortable. Perhaps he was in Heaven after all? It wasn't what he'd expected.

Noah opened his eyes and found himself in one of the most ugly rooms he'd ever been in. And yet, he found himself thinking it beautiful. What sort of toffs lived there? And why was he there.

The bed was amazing; it felt perfect, washing away all his aches and pains. He had a hard time convincing himself to move, and even then he did it very slowly. With a gentle prod, he searched for the wounds that had drained the life from him, but there was nothing to find. His clothing was without a snag, let alone the violent rips and holes he'd expected. I died. I felt it go, unmistakable, but...

It might very well be Hell.

FIRST-PERSON JOURNAL SAMPLE: I don't know where to start. Why I'm here, where 'here' is, what's going on. Maybe they need someone like me here. Wherever the Lord requires my hand, I will heed his call and find the cancers that need to be destroyed.
If this is Heaven, maybe I’ll see Annabelle here. A man can hope, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near a set of pearly gates. I don’t remember going through them, anyway. A man would remember that sort of thing.

I need to find a pub to haunt, figure out what the story is. Get a man drunk enough and he'll tell tales that'd make the Pope forget his name.

INTENT: There are many reasons I wanted to play this character. I enjoyed him in the movies, and I've always been attracted to dark characters who have lost something of themselves through a hard past. I wanted to dig deeper into his personality and his history. I want to develop him further, as I see a lot of potential in him. Also, I love Billy Connolly to pieces. This has nothing to do with my decision. Nope. *cough*
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