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City of Keys, Gabriel

Player Details
Name: Vorko
Birthday and Age: 1/9/1975 *coughthirtysevencough*
Personal DW Username: chasing_dragons
Contact: erudan1950 at gmail dot com
Other characters in game: zero

Character Application
Character Name: Gabriel Aloysus Calum St. John
Fandom: Original, partly from a Sigil-based DnD game.
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Canon Point: see history below
Power: The Mockery. He is attracted to Gabriel's skill as a thief. He has also observed the good the rogue has done with his prior mates, the Gentlemen, and wants to punish him for making a mockery of a profession which he believes should only be for the selfish and the dark of heart. He believes Gabriel still has the potential to turn back to his old ways and become one of his true followers.

Orientation: Pansexual. He feels sex is for whom you're in love with, and it's part of his emotional nature as well. Sure, he's simply fucked from sheer necessity, but he's always felt uncomfortable later. Only with someone he absolutely loves does he really touch on purity of pleasure.

Even so, he's not picky when it comes to male or female, as is the nature of pansexuality. He is attracted to the person, whomever they are, and whoever he falls in love with.

Suitability: He's quite a bit older than 18, and he's got the grey hair to prove it.

History: Gabriel was born into poverty in London's East End. His mother had disappeared early in his childhood. He later believed that his father had killed her in one of his dark moods. Why he hadn't killed Gabriel was a question he still asks himself to this day.

His father was an abusive waste of human flesh. The only thing he knew backwards and forwards was larceny. He was one of the best of his kind, a pure thief. Samuel St. John, 'The Baron' to his mates and a wanted man. He could creep into the queen's bedchambers and steal the teeth right out of her head. When it came to his son, he cared only of two things. Absolute fear of Samuel, and to teach the kid how to pick a pocket and crawl through a window with a full back of someone else's crap.

He was a hard teacher, and Gabriel finally took off when he was 14. He wasn't keen to be beaten anymore, and he wasn't going to live under his father's iron rule one more minute. But he found once he left, he had the gift. Whether his father had beaten it into him, or he'd been blessed by genetics, it didn't matter. To Gabriel, thieving was second nature.

He fell in with a street gang, and learned a great deal about survival, self-defense, brawling, makeshift weapons, anything that might cause a bit of violence or trouble. Not even a year later, he left the gang. He didn't like the cutthroat nature of a street gang, and he found the only friends he had only wanted to know the quickest way to get rich. He was the flash thief. They demanded he teach them how to do it. Leaving hadn't been a good idea, at least the way he'd done it (telling them all to bugger themselves with sharp pikes), and they came after him. Before they could lay hands on him, he fell headfirst into a portal.

Sigil, the city of doors, was where he ended up. It was tough at first, finding his footing in the new world he found himself in. He did odd jobs, cleaning tables at pubs and restaurants, running messages to and fro, and generally banging about the Cage. He kept his eyes and ears open, missing very little, storing away all he could to learn about his new home. He found a place to kip most nights, and after a few months of this sort of existence, he began thieving again.

First it was just enough to make a few coin, nothing people would miss for a while, like a berk who might have a bolt of cloth. He'd take his sharp knife and cut a few feet off, then sell it. He had to be careful and make sure he knew who he was thieving from, and who didn't count his silverware carefully. There were no end of berks to sell to. Anything could be turned to profit if you knew how to operate. He also swore that when he had enough jink, he'd quit the thieving entirely and get a proper job. This went on for years, but he never could find a reason to quit. And honestly, he liked it too much.

To make it up to himself, he sought out an education with both a wizard, a man who was more apt to burn his eyebrows off during one of his 'experiments' in alchemy than not, and a priest of Illmater. From both, he finally learned to read and write, and he found himself delving into books, learning more about the worlds that other dwellers in the Cage had come from, and conjecture of the nature of Sigil itself. He took to wondering what it had been like if he'd been educated in England, and if he hadn't fallen into the rabbit hole.

When he was 22, he met a young woman, Ophelia, they fell in love. He did as he promised himself and quit stealing, but he was shit at everything he tried. Growing food and livestock, doctoring assistant, tailoring, an enchanter's shopkeep assistant, a general hawker of wares, a guard with the Sons of Mercy... everything failed. Either he became monumentally bored, he ended up not giving a damn, or he was terrible at it. Eventually, he went back to what he knew best. He hid it from Ophelia, and continued to tell her he had honest work.

Gabe, still a young man at 27, was pulling off thefts and mid-level heists without getting even remotely in hot water. It made him cocky. He was the best. He became sloppy, and he took a job to break into the home of the leader of a group of high-level criminals known as the Silent Bloods. He was untouchable, unstoppable. He was also caught just as he was cracking the lock of the chest that held what he was after. He was beaten, drugged and tossed out on his arse. He slept in an alley that night, the sleep drug dropping him before he could make it home. Stumbling home the next morning, he found Ophelia dead, throat slit and violated, payment for daring to break into that house.

Angry with himself, empty at heart, he focused everything on thieving. He lived in seclusion for over a year, training himself, working out and honing his dexterity and reaction time, practicing not only quick, silent, and intricate movement, but also with blades. He'd never carried more than a dagger, and he'd been crap at using it. He lived on his hoarded earnings from past jobs until he felt he was ready. He'd learned not to be cocky, never to let your guard down.

It was by pure accident that he was discovered by the Gentlemen, a group of individuals who could be hired for the right price to solve problems, find what was missing, and had no qualms with a bit of adventuring. Perhaps 'discovered' isn't the right word. They knew about him, as they did much of the criminal element in Sigil. They knew of his big heist that had ended in Ophelia's death. They knew he needed to be caught and dealt with, or maybe he'd work best with the Gentlemen.

Through much trial and error (mostly error), he impressed the group and they brought him into the fold. He spent the next twenty years as a member. Up until he fell into a previously unknown portal, that is, and ended up in Cypher with a headache and a nice case of amnesia.

Personality: Gabriel has a soft heart, an iron will, and a sense of curiosity that rivals a wildcat. He sees himself as a survivor, and as a man looking for a good challenge. Doing heroic things isn't what he's all about (though if it happens along the way, why not?). When he was younger, anger and fear had fueled him, but now it's curiosity and the rush of life. He's easily bored, and likes a good challenge. He's an educated man, and has a hunger for learning. But the whole not-working bit isn't sitting well with him, so he's been going back out and thieving here and there, just for the thrill of it. He's good at what he does, but there's always room for improvement, even at his age.

He's generally defined as 'chaotic good'. He does not believe in killing unless he has to, though his definition of 'has to' can be rather loose at times. While he's a 'good guy', he's not Robin Hood. What he takes, he keeps or he turns over for his payment.

Abilities: He can be virtually invisible when he wants to be. He believes this comes from skill, but he has a touch of the fey about him. Just a touch.

Appearance: Gabriel is a full human, standing 6'1" and very slim. His head is bald, his steel and white hair cut very, very close to the scalp (shaved, in our modern times). He has a beard that is always neat and short. When in public, his clothing is tailored, and while not horribly expensive looking, it's obvious to a trained eye he's picky about what he wears. Normally he's found wearing dark trousers and leather boots, and a plain dress shirt of some sort. The only colourful clothing he wears is a vest* or waistcoat.

He seems harmless, an eccentric older man who enjoys collecting books and other trinkets, and has a nice, comfortable, modest home. Someone living off the fruits of his past labor. He'll give you an easy smile and shake your hand. He's a man who walks as if he had lived a thousand lives before this one and kept secrets hidden up his sleeves. He seems the proper, somewhat eccentric British gentleman, and he's far, far faster than he looks.

His junk is typical for a human.

*vest examples!

RP Sample [First Person]: (this is his first voice post through the the Mirror)
The sound of tapping, then a rather heavy clunk. What's this thing for, mm? Click, then a few moments of quiet. Gone barmy, I have. So, where am I? And who, may I ask, are all of you lot? He says to himself, hoping he's not just talking to himself. Come on, you berks. Speak up.

RP Sample [Third Person]: It should have been a meaningful set of events, but it wasn't. He hadn't even been sacrificing himself for one of his mates. No, he'd fallen through a damned portal when he'd opened the door to his suite, and he'd tripped and ended up on his face. And then--and then!--the final humility, a voice near his ear. His first reaction had been to roll to his side and grab for whatever was having a wigwag, but he'd come up with nothing.

The voice had said, "On behalf of the Artificers Guild. Do enjoy your stay!"

So, the Artificers Guild was up to it again. And he'd not left Sigil at all, if that was the case. A portal dropping into another part of the city? Not unlikely. But there had never been a portal in the Gentlemen's mansion for as long as he could remember. The magical ward that Porthos had formed around the great building years ago was still in place. Apparently someone had gotten around it.

Gabriel got to his feet, the sword he hadn't had time to remove bumping against his thigh. Too bad. It was more difficult to skulk around in someone's home when you're laden with weapons, armor, and a pack. Though, he could stash it all in his haversack, what he still had with him. Perhaps it was a boon not to have undressed before opening that door.

RP Sample [Links]: Actually, I'm going to pop a post right in here, as the RP I was in on RPoL was/is locked. It's now deadish (woe!). I was, and still am, new to DnD. This was a 4e Paragon tier game set in Sigil (re: DMG 2, 4e), and it was looking like a great game. Unfortunately, half the players dropped out and the GM shelved it permanently. This was months ago, and I still mourn it's passing. The character is a 12th level thief.


The Gentlemen's home still seems impressive to Gabriel, even though he's lived in it off and on for years. When he'd first been pulled into the group years ago, he'd been in awe. He'd skulked around in them with the lights out, feeling around for hidden locks and jeweled boxes as if he'd been born of it, but he'd grown up on the streets, and no matter how he'd put on that he was a rich spiv, he'd always been three steps from a quipper. Sharp clothes and a pocketful of jink kept the shadows away.

His own quarters are comfortable, but not nearly as elaborate as one would think. The sheets cool, the blankets warm, and the pillows soft. There are books of all sorts on the shelves that span two walls, and a small room off the main where his clothing and equipment is stored. A desk sits against another wall, ancient and made of wood with carved sigils over the surface at odd intervals. The floor is covered in old, woven carpets he'd obtained through the portals.

Once they're inside, he makes off for his chambers to strip off his ruined clothing and attend to his wounds. The burns are mostly healed, but a couple are red and warm. He digs out a small pot of salve, what soothes and cools the angry flesh, and smells pleasantly of a rainy afternoon. A simple shirt and pair of soft trousers later, and he joins the rest of them. Soon, lights go out and he's left with an itch in his brain.

Once the banging starts, he realizes what's been bothering him.

"How utterly quaint," Gabriel mumbles, moving away from the door. Already, the others are starting to stir, and it's only a moment before Sofia appears, dangerous with her blade. He already has his dagger in his hand, though hidden along his sleeve.

He's inches from the doorframe, right inside the shadows, when she opens the door.


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