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stuff from quite a while ago, from a game called 'babylon 2.0' (which can be found on a google search, but it's been dead for a few years), a post-apocalyptic world that had some really lovely concepts and potential, but it never got fully off the ground. I was thinking about the characters I had out there, so I went looking and lo, I found them! Oh frabulous joy, so here they are. I might use them in the future. I never did get a chance to use Jule in game, unfortunately.

One thing I really liked about this game was the use of TVtropes. The mods had certain tropes they wanted to fill, and you could pick from a long list of them. Once they were filled, unless you had a good reason, it was pulled out of play. It was yours. And it was fun.

Hopefully the format doesn't puke out. It's mostly copy/paste.

we will walk on the land
we will breathe of the air
we will drink from the stream
we will live
hold the line


Name: Gabriel Samedi, aka Greyhand, aka Dustwalker
Age: 52
Sex: Male
Body Type: 6'2", 169lb
Classification: Human, mutant/psionic
Occupation: outland wanderer, finder of the lost, trader, soothsayer
Affiliation: none

Notable Attributes: Grey scales on right side of neck, down back and chest, right arm and hand (origin of name 'greyhand'). Unable to grow hair on head, only sparse on jaw, mainly concentrated on chin and upper lip. Protective, spiritual tattooing over left arm, back (where there are no scales), behind left ear. Blue eyes, grey/white hair.

Very thin but lithe, can defend himself in a fight (and needs to at times, of course) but is quite squishy. Is focused on agility instead ofbrute force. Gains a bit of an advantage due to instinctually knowing where the next blow may land (not always reliable). Very loyal to wastelanders, even those that do not support him directly, and will put himself in harm's way to protect them and those he loves. Well known by outlanders, and military knows he is some sort of psionic.

Notable Equipment: Hard wooden staff, adorned and carved. Wears an old, dark cloak at all times to protect head and neck from the sun. carries a largish leather pouch about the size of a messenger bag, slung across chest. Worn boots, layers of clothing, gloves. Usually carrying small wares to trade, mostly spritual jewelry, stones, herbs--nothing too heavy. He carries an old military-issue pistol of his father's, and a long, sharp knife. Three waterskins (two on his back, attached to the pouch's strap, and one hanging from his belt. Also carries an old military issue respirator mask and goggles for dust and sandstorms.

Status: Active

Bio: His father, John Samedi, was a field medic and surgeon with the military.Samedi was a pacifist at heart, having joined the military due to his father and grandfather being career soliders. He loathed his job and found his only solace in healing rather than killing. He believed the outlanders were just as much people as the city dwellers he protected, but he kept such notions to himself. Upon a routine psion search of the wastes, they picked up an outlander suspected of having psionic abilities. He was left alone to guard her, and he decided he'd had enough of the charade his life had been to that point. He helped the woman escape and left with her, following her into the wastes and leaving his old life behind.

The woman's name was Desdemona Roue, a member of the Qadul clan. John was not greeted with open arms, obviously, but she spoke for him and told their story. for the few months they were together, he was slowly accepted into the clan. They had a child and named him Gabriel

John knew the military would come looking for him, and instead of putting the clan and his lover and baby in jeopardy, he set out to meet them, leaving his medkit, his ID and his pistol behind. He'd become a wastelander, and he greeted them as such in dusty robes. Indeed they had been searching for him, and when they found him they wasted no time in putting a bullet in his brain.

Gabriel roams the wastes, no true place to call home. His mother still lives with the Qadul clan and welcomes him whenever he passes through. He spends his time walking, gathering stones and herbs and whatever else useful to trade. He visits clans, wanderers, and outlying towns alike, trading for a meal and a place to sleep. They know him, or know of him, and for the most part he is welcomed and will be given a seat by the fire and a share of warm food without needing to trade, although he does tend to insist. Some regard him with suspicion, and he has also been attacked outright. He is also known for his 'finding' abilities, and will also help who he can, within reason. He hunts for his own food otherwise, and sleeps under the stars. He has a simple life, carries both the beliefs of his father and of his home clan with him.

He does not trust the military, and has never set foot in the city. He has been instrumental in thwarting several psion searches by alerting those that would be found of the possible danger, if he is close enough or fast enough. He doesn't always sense it, nor does he always know in time. He rarely if ever knows specifically why the danger exists, only that it does.

He has seen too much of the faceless, merciless actions of the military to have much compassion for the city. In that way he is unlike his father, for he hasn't seen both sides. He has no desire to go to the city, but to keep to his simple existence. There is an unease in him that likely comes from his parentage of soldier and clanswoman. Gabriel believes he is doing the right thing, but he has yet refused to accept his heritage is in part what is trying to destroy his and his peoples' way of life. So he wanders, trying to stay close to the earth and doing small, positive things. It brings him some level of peace in his mind and his heart.

Notes: (Anything else)

The Player: vorkosigan

The Drifter
Heroic Spirit
Martial Pacifist
Squishy Wizard

In Character
Current Threads:
drum lands
if you think breaking out...
a gift from ironang


Judge: Now, on the matter of motive, we ask you:
Why did you conceive, plan and execute this dastardly and scandalous crime?

Edward Pierce: I wanted the money.
- The Great Train Robbery, 1979

NAME: Julian Michel Black, aka Pendragon

AGE: 43
SEX: male
TYPE: human, cyber-enhanced
CLASS: underground
STATUS: Active

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143lb
Eye Clr: brown
Hair Clr: brown
Marks: small tattoo on right bicep

OCCUPATION: hacker, information broker
AFFILIATION: independent

self-destructive - He couldn't give a damn about his body except to keep it alive and walking around so that he can plug in. He's been known to go for a week, plugged in and working, without eating, calling on a 'friend' to bring him food so that he can get himself moving again.

moody - Jule may take a job only to drop it later, on what seems to be a whim. If approached in a foul mood, he will refuse a job and likely curse your mother. Five minutes later he might be gracious and ready to negotiate. This unpredictable mental state comes from his years of long periods of connecting to the net, which has resulted in brain damage.

persistent - Once he gets his teeth in a job, a net run, a problem, he won't let go until he comes to a solution.

resourceful - Never let it be said that Jule is a slouch when it comes to making do with what he has available to him, even if it's a hundred year old shoddy OS and an atari joystick there's a good chance he'll figure out a way to make it work.

relationship inept - He's never had a long running relationship, even when he was in school. Afraid of getting too close--perhaps it goes back to his childhood with cold parents who turned their backs on him. Ether way, he's not a lover, even if deep down he could sorely use a bit of comfort.


Expert hacker and - Jule has been breaking ice and hacking for over thirty years and can out-think most systems, old and new. There are challenges still lurking out there though, and while he's good, he's nowhere near perfect. He does love a challenge, and failure is part of the game.

Hiding - What Jule does is not legal, but while authorities know the name Pendragon, they have no idea who he is. He's buried himself under false names, faces, has had two eye transplants and a fingerprint mod. His 'lair' is difficult to find. He is a ghost, and he's very good at it. He isn't perfect though, and has been uprooted a number of times.

information acquisition - He's extremely savvy when it comes to finding information, and has a 75% success rate. If you need it, he will more than likely find it. For a price.

hardware and cybernetics - he is a self-taught hardware and cybernetics tech who knows a little more than enough to be dangerous. He learns by studying another's work and replicating it to suit his needs. He's not always successful, working with innate knowledge. He usually leaves the cybernetics themselves to the experts, knowing very little about the human body. He did develop his own net-access chair rig that he uses extensively for his full-awareness net work.

compact net deck, upgraded
small las pistol (for shooting rats)
portable net harness (for access to the net from somewhere other than home--rarely used)
net-access chair, which Jule has modified to his own specific needs and tastes. This piece of equipment is quite large and never leaves his home. He's had to rebuild it several times, due to having to move in haste. It's rigged with a last resort system that will melt down the CPU. Jule likes to keep his own creations to himself.

Jule was born and bred in the South Quadrant to Simon and Jeala Black forty-three years ago. Simon worked in the munitions factory half way across the city and Jeala worked as a receptionist for another unnamed company once Jule was old enough to get himself to school and back. They both worked hard and didn't have a great deal of time to spend with their only son. It left him with a great deal of time to himself.

He took to spending time on the net. Exploring, learning, and then starting to do some minor hacking. At nine, he was overjoyed when he figured out how to hack into the school computers. He wouldn't have been caught if he hadn't been giving students top marks for a fee. It was then he learned to not only be good, but be subtle as well.

He started to skip school, then did away with it all together to commiserate with a group of hacker friends in the basement of an abandoned factory building right next to the border of district 13. They would all get on their cheap decks and play games or dance through the net, challenging each other to bigger and bolder attempts at breaking the code ice that kept computer systems safe from hackers. Their actions led to several of them spending time in a juvenile detention facility, too young to be arrested. At sixteen, Jule spent seven months there, and he learned even more about the shady world of net thievery and codebreaking from others who had been around the block more than he had. He also learned of a place that hackers told stories about, a myth. Babylon. It sounded like a dream.

Once out, he didn't waste time leaving home. His parents had come to hate him, and outright tell him he was a waste of space, he never should have been born, he was scum and he would always be scum. Angry, hurt and alone, he moved semi-permanently into the basement hangout where his friends gathered each night and started taking small jobs for shady customers under the name Merlin. It fed him, and he stayed as far as he could from the police.

As time went by and he got older, he became a name in hacking circles, a young punk who would likely go far, if he didn't get caught. It boosted his ego, as did the new apartment and the slick grav-bike he bought with his ill-gained credits. He was being offered bigger jobs for more wealthy and desperate clients, and he felt as if he were on top of the world. Cocky, he ended up taking a job he felt in his gut he wasn't ready for. Of course he was ready, he did amazing work. He never failed. And the payout would be enough to buy the apartment he was currently renting, buy himself an even better deck than he already had. Too tempting, and he took it. Unfortunately it was a trap laid by police, and he went to prison for seven years for the electronic version of breaking and entering, thievery and destruction of virtual property.

Jule learned to take care of himself in prison, focusing on exercise and fighting. He was quick with a deck and, surprisingly, just as quick on his feet. He didn't have the bulk or the strength that others had, but he learned how to evade a punch and use his creativity to keep himself alive. Sometimes it worked, most times it didn't. He was a mediocre fighter, but it was enough to get him through his seven years. By the time he got out, technology had lept light years ahead. He was thirty years old, homeless, without credits. Desperate, he made contact with his old friends from school. Most had moved on and wanted very little to do with him, but one was still in the business, Grey Benin. Jule slept on his couch and learned the new ropes, picking them up faster than fistwork, and soon he was back to his work again, taking a new name, Pendragon.

After his stint in prison, he'd hardened. The cocky kid was gone and replaced with a bitter, acidic man that refused to let the world know him again. Deals were made on temporarily secured networks, and payment went to anonymous bank accounts. Jule had turned strictly underground and never let another know the face of Pendragon. He became ruthless, some would say reckless, always taking another dangerous task but taking care to cover his tracks. Even so, he took care to make sure he was ready to move at any time. Things were either easily gathered up, but most were wired to be destroyed. His care in staying anonymous was to paranoid levels.

There are few hackers that are to Jule's caliber, but he's moody and tends to take only those jobs that appeal to him. He lives deep in the sub-levels of District 13, his small bunker rigged with traps, his only belongings a small basket of clothing, his personally modified deck, a cheap backup, and his net array chair. The use of cybernetics, implanted in his skull and his spine, connect him directly to the net and make him that much faster without having to translate his actions from his mind through his fingers to the computer deck. His living area is just that--an area. The size of a large walk-in closet, his chair and a matress are crammed into it. The walls are dirty, the floor bare concrete.

After he'd left prison, his new goal was to survive, to do what he loved, and to find Babylon. There were others in prison who talked of it, but most didn't believe. Jule had been curious, but the more he heard and the more he turned it over in his head, the more he believed it had to exist. somewhere he could lose himself, perhaps forever. If one died while one's awareness was cast into the net, would a piece of them haunt it forever? Might one be able to dwell in it's vastness? Or would the body drag the mind back down into it's cage to rot? He wanted to find out.

Taking jobs for money, for the thrill, for nothing else in life appeals to him. He searches for the equivalent of Nirvana.

cybernetic enhancements
- female neural ports for direct interface with a neural uplink rig (full net access) at the base of his skull and along his spine. these ports, when hooked up to a proper system, afford full and complete access to the net. Once activated, he can send his awareness into the net and work more quickly and efficiently. He uses a specialized chair that wires him up when he sits in it, resembling a dentist's chair, which is reclined with the feet elevated somewhat. Here is where he may sit for days or weeks at a time.

- augmented left hand; index and second fingers are cybernetic. Fingertips up to the first, smallest knuckle can be removed to access male jacks to directly link into a portable or remote system to gain access. These links do not provide the full capabilities of his female jack-sets along his spine and in his skull.


The Cracker
Only In It for the Money
Because I'm Good At It
Forgets to Eat
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