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angsty angst angst, antiheroes, apocalypse world, art, bill bailey, billy bob thornton, billy connolly, brandon sanderson, bukowski, cats, character studies, cheese, chew, china mieville, craig ferguson, creativity, cyberpunk, dark comedy, dark matter, did i mention cats, doctor who, don't rest your head, dreams, dubstep, eclipse phase, eddie izzard, elbow, elder scrolls, eminem, epiphany, eso, evil grins, fear the walking dead, final fantasy xiv, fringe, guillermo del toro, house of leaves, hugh laurie, human contact, humor, icons, insanity, intelligence, iron man, james lee burke, jeff bridges, jim morrison, john noble, joy, kendrick lamar, knives, large bodies of water, leather, leonard cohen, lois mcmaster bujold, lotro, mad science, madness, mass effect, megadeth, miles vorkosigan, modern myths, more cats, more than this, music, mutants, neil gaiman, nightmares, nobilis, obsessing over everything, old british dudes, open minded people, original characters, patton oswalt, pendulum, peter gabriel, poetry, psionics, qi, rael, ravenor, reading, rivers, robert jordan, robert kirkman's brain, roleplaying, ron perlman, saga, sam vimes, sarcasm, scars, scrupulous characters, self-therapy, sergei lukyanenko, shades of grey, sharp pointy objects, skrillex, sleepy hollow, stephen crane, stephen donaldson, stephen fry, stephen hunter, stephen king, subtlety, swords, t.s. eliot, tattoos, terry pratchett, the dark, the doctor, the hobbit, the macmanuses, the madness of angels, the mind, the ocean, the spook's apprentice, the walking dead, tragedy, trent reznor, urban fantasy, vampires, warren ellis, water, welcome to night vale, wikipedia, world of darkness, wrestling demons, writing
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