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Character Name: Noah MacManus
Series: The Boondock Saints
Age: 65
From When?: At the end of the second movie; he's dying from a fatal gunshot.

NOTE: Headcanon is in blue.

Inmate/Warden: Inmate; He kills people, straight up. While he knows killing the bad guys isn't necessarily seen as a positive thing, he does believe he's doing what needs to be done. People as horrible as he deals with are like rabid dogs, and you must put them down. I think, if anything, there can be a great deal of interesting roleplay between Noah, with his own personal code of morality, and a warden, who is trying to help him see that it's not the right way to go. Noah is stubborn and set in his ways, and his personal code is going to make this a tough go. It may also be interesting to put him with a reformed killer, but nothing is set in stone.
Item: n/a

Abilities/Powers: Noah is a skilled assassin, and in his own heart believes his actions are ultimately serving a good purpose, even if his work is considered evil in his own world. His own soul is dark, but he strives for the light. His honor is his own, and he believes the result justifies the means. He can carry a shitload of guns on his person, appear at just the right time to rain down retribution, and his sunglasses strike fear into the hearts of evil. Actually, he's simply very good at killing people.

Personality: Noah was a good natured, creative young man that loved his father and worked hard to please him. He was changed forever when his father was killed by the Italian mafia. He grew cold, distant, and focused on one thing; revenge for his father's death. As time went on, he lost touch with what it was to be human. He became a weapon, his only purpose to eradicate evil men from the earth. He believes himself to be a devil who works for the light.

On the flip, he's a very patient man, and does show compassion when warranted. He doesn't believe in killing for sport or for the thrill. He does not make decisions based on laws, but on his own sense of morality and justice. If he believes you're innocent, he will do everything in his power to protect you.

He was brought up Catholic, and while he does not practice, he does believe his acts serve God. He is more than willing to break the law to do this, using his enemy's own methods against them. He can be very still, eerily so, and can sit in total silence in a crowded room. His ability to focus is absolute and single minded. He loves his religion, the atmosphere of any holy place, whether it be a grand cathedral or the humblest church. They comfort him, these places of worship. When he knew what his life's work would be, he adopted what would become the family prayer, said over those whom he would execute and had killed.

He believes what he does extends where the law cannot.  He can get caught up in the hunt and neglect others to the point of ignoring them. He can be cold even to his friends and family if the mood takes him. Generally, his ability to interact with others in the past has been sketchy. He lets very few people close. Perhaps it is his long years in isolation, coupled with his violent life on the outside of prison that have turned him to stone. Yet, as he gets older, he has started to soften. When he was united with his sons, something in him changed, a small bit he'd hidden away for a very long time. His sons are extremely important to him, and he would do anything to protect them.

On the surface, he wants to fulfill his purpose, to destroy those who would harm others. Farther down below the surface, he also wants to be free of his work. He wants to settle, to be quiet, to drain the anger from his soul and be at peace. He wants to be a good father, though he knows in many ways it's too late.  He has accepted his fate, and believes he will go to Hell for his deeds, even though he's done it all for the greater good and the will of God.

His only rule when out on a job is never to harm women and children. Never. It's as much a part of his bringing up as anything else. Men held doors for them, pulled their chair out at a table, gave their seat up for them, and all sorts of things many women today consider old fashioned and sometimes chauvinistic. Women are the nurturers, the mothers and wives, the ones who are the underlying strength of a family. Most is an unconscious belief, that it's simply what you do, as a man. Harming a child, even the thought, is a grievous sin. Innocents, those who need protection, love and stability. If Noah ever met a man who would kill a child, there would be one less man in the world.

When drinking tea, he must pour milk into the mug first, then add tea. He swears it tastes different if you pour the tea first. He loves most any food that reminds him of home (Ireland and the greater UK). He went for years in prison without anything that resembled edible fare, and he appreciates what he can get.

He loves walking in the rain, moonlight, the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore. The outdoors are a blessing to him, and the sun on his face is a warmth unlike any other. The forests, the seas, the wide, open and green fields are God's country, and he misses it so. Pubs are another place he enjoys. He can drink many under the table, and loves beer and whiskey as any good son of Ireland. He does socialize, but he doesn't get too friendly.

Reading is something he never tires of, and he has stacks of books everywhere. He plays guitar and the tin whistle. Since he went back to Ireland with his sons, he took up music again. It's one of the small joys in his life.

He has been in prison for many years prior, so he won't be unfamiliar with the concept. How he got there will obviously be an issue, and he may believe he's in a particular spot in Hell. He'll try to take it in stride, but he can still be an unpredictable character if things get out of hand. Any other prisoners causing harm will also be subject to his scrutiny. An eye for an eye. He'll probably find himself in deep shit more than once.

Path to Redemption: Spirituality. While Noah has his own set of morals, he does believe in God. Noah is aware of his own sins, and accepts them. Jesus is merciful and he forgives.
Confronting his own demons. This is different, as it doesn't have to involve religion. When he was young, Noah was deeply scarred by his father's death. While he's had decades to reflect on it, especially in Hoag Prison, he's never truly dug into the center of his own pain. There is a hollowness in him that only two things have filled. Killing the bad guys, and his sons. The latter aren't here, but the former is still within his grasp.
His two sons. Would they want him to end up like this? Wouldn't they want better for him? Well... they're killers as well, but there's always the idea that you want your loved ones to be safe and healthy; mentally, physically and spiritually. As he lay dying, Noah had said 'It's beautiful'. I took that to mean he would end up in Heaven, forgiven for what he'd done. Instead, he's here. Pointing out that there are Reasons he's here in what Noah might eventually see as Purgatory would be a good method to help him get through what he's done, who he is, and where he'll go. It may be a step toward gaining a place in Heaven, though as I said above he's accepted his likely spot in Hell.
It may be very difficult for any of these things to work. He's 65 bloody years old, and his thoughts and ideas are set firmly. There is good in him though, and he could, in time, be convinced to put aside his gun. Anything's possible, right?

History: Noah was born in 1942 in Cliften, Galway, Ireland, and when he was very young, he and his father immigrated to America. His mother had died in childbirth. They settled in Boston, and had a quiet life. His father was a leather-worker, specializing in all sorts of goods and services. Noah learned the trade as well, helping out around the shop and eventually working alongside his father. He would have eventually run the shop someday when his father retired.

His father had made a fatal mistake--he'd borrowed money to help fund the shop through some lean times, and was unable to pay the loan back in the time promised. Men from the local mob appeared one afternoon in 1958 and, upon demanding the money owed, shot and killed Noah's father because he couldn't pay. Noah was there to witness the entire thing.

From that moment, he vowed he would take revenge on these men. He and his good friend Louie began studying mob movements and the men within. Soon, Noah had killed those responsible, but he wanted more. His targets became any and every member of mob families all over Boston. Louie was the one who set up the hits, and Noah went through with the killing.

Louie knew he was in a bad position, and he wanted more as well. He believed Noah a soulless monster, unable and unwilling to stop his self-appointed task. Louie visited the Yakavetta crime boss, and they formed a tenuous relationship. Yakavetta would feed him information about the locations and activities of rival families, and Louie would send Noah to sort them out. Louie had hopes of a bright future, and he felt Yakavetta would eventually reward him for their work.

Noah's work went on for years. During this time, he met and fell in love with a woman named Annabelle. They were together for much of this time, though he visited infrequently, keeping his contact with her to a minimum out of fear she would come to harm due to his work.

He became the boogieman of hitmen and mobsters everywhere, a ghost who stepped out of the shadows. He seemed to be able to strike anyone at any time. They began to call him Il Duce, Italian for 'The Duke', inspired by the near indomitable John Wayne.

In 1975, Noah finally began to turn his sights to Yakavetta himself. It was time to end Noah's crusade once and for all. Louie arranged a hit, and Noah was sent to dispatch a small group of mobsters. Once the deed was done, he left the building, only to find the police waiting for him. Louie himself wasn't given the reward he believed he deserved, after the work he'd done for Yakavetta. He became a bitter, angry man and went into hiding.

He was sentenced to 25 to life, and spent over twenty-five years behind bars. Annabelle moved back to Ireland and her family.  Louie visited him once to inform Noah that she had given birth to two sons, twins, and that Noah would never raise them and turn them into soulless creatures as he himself was. It weighed heavily on him, but he knew they'd be safe from the life he lived.

He was released twice, with heavy influence by the Yakavetta family, as a last resort when they needed someone to kill for them. Each time, Noah did as he was asked, but turned on those who had been instrumental in releasing him. He was sent back to prison each time.

His third and final release sent him to take out the supposed mob figures, 'the Saints', two young men who were doing just as he'd done years ago; hunting mobsters and doing a very good job of it. Noah didn't care. They were all the same breed, and they all needed to be taken out.

After a failed hit, he took his time watching them, planning his next move. When they ended up in the hands of the Yakavetta family, Noah thought it a hell of a boon. Kill the Saints and Yakavetta himself, then get out of the mess altogether and flee to Ireland. He'd had enough killing to last a lifetime, even though the fire still burned in his belly to continue on.

Once he'd located the Saints, he discovered they were his sons. Together, the three of them stormed the courtroom during Yakavetta's trial and assassinated him. Soon after, they disappeared, moving to Ireland to get away from the death and murder they three had become mired in. They were there for eight years, and while there they did some small, local jobs, becoming protectors of the innocent, of a sort.

The boys were drawn back to Boston when a copycat killer murdered a priest in their specific style. They left, and Noah stayed behind. After much thought, memories flowing through his mind, of Louie and his past work, he followed the boys back to America. They discovered it was Louie behind the killings, to draw Noah back to take out his enemies and leave Louie a small portion of power that he believed he deserved.

At their final meeting, Louie and Noah discussed past events, and Noah discovered Louie had set a trap for him; several men were there to kill him, taking Louie's last remaining obstacle out of the picture. The Saints had followed Noah, and during the firefight that followed, Noah caught a fatal bullet to the chest. With his sons' support, he killed Louie, and then succumbed to his wounds.

Sample Journal Entry: I've no idea what to say in this thing. I'm not a man who keeps a journal; there's no reason to. Life is a river, and it rushes along through the world. If you take the time to write it down, you've missed something. The past is the past, and I'd rather it stay there.

I died. I know I did. I saw... something. Bright light. My soul felt so bright, full of warmth, but it was only a glimpse of what could have been. Instead, darkness came, and I woke up here.

I've been told this is a prison. Fair enough. I'm no stranger to this sort of thing. They call it 'The Barge', but I've never heard of it. I've met many a man who have slept in beds other than the Hoag, and this one never came up. Someone told me we're in deep space, stars and planets all around. He's lost the plot, surely. Either that or Hell's a very strange place.

Connor. Murphy. I hope wherever you are, you're safe. You walk in my footsteps, your choices to make, and I cannot change what has gone before, and what is bound to happen. We all suffer for our beliefs, for what is right. If I could save you I would, but it's much too late. Be safe. I'm proud of you both.

Sample RP: The light was bright, and it drew him in, away from the blood and the violence, away from his last two threads that tied him to the world, away and gone. It hadn't been where he expected, but he felt utter joy in his heart as the light grew around him, warming his face and blinding him with beauty for an eternity.

And then it was snatched away. All the promises of the afterlife and all the answers he'd been given in the light were already fading. The light receded, but a dull, dirty glow was left. He was lying on the ground, just as he had when he'd been bleeding out. The stone he was resting on was soft and comfortable. Perhaps he was in Heaven after all? It wasn't what he'd expected.

Noah opened his eyes and found himself in a blank room, grey and lifeless. He was lying on a bunk, and when he took a look around, he knew where he was. A cell. Prison.

Had he dreamed the last eight years? Was this simply another shitty day in paradise? The room was familiar in the way streets or grocery stores or a pair of shoes were. You'd seen the like before, but it wasn't exactly the same. He'd never been in this particular cell. There had been nothing like it in Hoag.

There was no pain. With a gentle prod, he searched for the wounds that had drained the life from him, but there was nothing to find. His clothing was without a snag, let alone the violent rips and holes he'd expected. I died. I felt it all go, unmistakable. He'd known, and he'd accepted it. It had felt too real to be a dream.

Special Notes: There is a great deal of headcanon in the history section, and his personality is almost exclusively created from whole cloth. Also, canon dates are very very unreliable--Noah's arrest, for example, is listed as two different years, 1977 and 1978, though other events would put it around 1975. I simply settled on a year that made the most sense.  He's hugely underdeveloped in canon.

He fashioned the boys' and his own rosaries himself while in prison, and sent the two to Annabelle to give to them when they grew older

Annabelle was only seen in a cut scene on the first movie's DVD. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in canon about her otherwise. The bit about Noah being released to do Yakavetta's dirty work was vague in the movies, but it was mentioned. I expanded and guessed a bit there.

I have no real idea what Noah had in mind after he would have killed Connor and Murphy. There's nothing in canon to support exactly why he was working for Yakavetta in the first place, considering his hatred of mafia families. It doesn't make much sense, so I tried. It still feels flimsy, but canon is canon, I suppose.


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